We PT. MITRA BRIKET ABADI (Indonesia) is a manufacturer / manufacturer of quality briquette charcoal exports, we as one of the producers and Plant Briquette Briquette Briquettes or also called Coconut Shell Charcoal In Indonesia. Our company is established specially engaged in coconut shell processing industry especially coconut shell charcoal briquette (coconut shell charcoal briquette). Our processing is semi-manual by combining machines and also using human labor.

We produce coconut shell charcoal briquettes with monthly production capacity can reach maximum 100 Ton. This amount of production can be achieved if we use all of our machine’s ability to produce coconut shell charcoal briquette briquette of approximately 6 tons per day. Coconut shell charcoal briquettes that we produce are Coconut Briquette Briquette Charcoal which has calories> = 7000 kal. The shape of coconut shell charcoal briquette (coconut shell charcoal briquette) we produce cubes with the size 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 and also shaped hexagonal. However, if there is an order / request other than the form can be discussed further with us. Currently the requests coming to us come from many countries namely the Middle East, Russia and Japan. And We can shipping to any Country in world.

Goodness of our briquette production charcoal

  • Energy recycling
    the recycled energy is consumed, the raw material of briquettes is a raw material provided from nature and continue to be produced by nature. This coconut shell charcoal briquette belongs to Biomass category. Biomass itself is one type of renewable energy that refers to biological materials derived from living organisms. Some examples of such biomass sources include wood fuel, coconut, waste, and alcohol.
  • The maximum amount of heat produced
    Not like charcoal made from coal, charcoal briquettes from coconut shells can reach a hot kada 7000 cal. Is a very fuel-efficient process that requires high temperatures. Or it can also be used daily needs so that the process of cooking faster.
  • There is no toxicity in it.
    Because this product from raw material alone is natural, then 100% of the products produced adalam nature / alam.Adanya additional ingredients just like tapioca starch which is also natural ingredients from cassava for the process of gluing Charcoal briquettes. So it can be concluded this product does not contain toxic (non-toxic).
  • No smoke
    When you use charcoal in general, there will be a lot of smoke scattered. For example when burned satay, must smoke very mengebul around, and quite disturbing breathing and quite poignant in the eye. Others with this briquette charcoal, the smoke produced is very little even almost smoky.
  • Alternative coal materials.
    We often see fuel used by factories or industries mostly coal. If we learn more. Massive coal mine exploration has a very negative impact on the nature and environment surrounding mining. The latest briquette charcoal can be used as an alternative fuel in the industry / factory.
  • Durable
    Coconut shell briquettes have a durability of 2-3 hours long enough time of combustion, making this product very effective, efficient and efficient.
Proses Packaging
Proses Packaging
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  • In the middle east and even in our country of bloom used for burning “Sisha” / “Hookah” is a kind of cigarette that uses the combustion system above it and has a variety of flavor variants
  • Can be used for daily needs that require the burning process, such as roasting BBQ, Steak OR Etc
  • Or also in the area of ​​europe and american charcoal briquettes are used as a heating furnace and can also be used for SPA room

We produce charcoal with best quality and standard, we choose raw material of coconut shell of choice. For those of you who want to be our distributor / agent please contact us below.


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